About Me

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Hello there! My Name is Traci and I’m a photographer based in Claremont, California.

My passion for photography began more than 15 years ago. My insightful husband presented me with my first manual camera as a gift and from that day forward I was hooked. I pointed my camera at anything that moved (or stood still) and eventually developed a style and an eye for what I liked in a photograph.


We moved to New York and eventually welcomed our gorgeous daughter into our family. Margaret has become nothing less than my creative Muse; her laughter and her purity entice me to capture every moment. I treasure the images that record and interpret just who she is in that moment, and just how much I adore her. Watching Margaret grow has been one of the most rare and beautiful gifts of my life.

When friends started asking me to take photos for them, I realized that my hobby could turn out to be my dream job and devoted myself more fully to the art form that is photography. I have taken classes at the School of Visual Arts in New York City and more recently at Tri-Community Photography Center in West Covina when we moved back to Southern California.

My photographic philosophy is simply to capture the best you that you are; I want you to look fabulous, but I want you to really look like you! I adore spontaneous details that really help to tell the story of what happened on a particular day, whether it is a wedding, a family gathering or a summer rainstorm gathering over the hills. Everyone is perfectly and wonderfully made, and everyone deserves to be celebrated and captured at their best!